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Protection Agents

Our Executive/Dignitary Protection Team members are State of Illinois “Certified Dignitary Protection Specialists”. These security officers are highly trained, and have received 2000+ hours of specialized training, a combined over 60+ years of law enforcement experience, 50+ years in special operations units

Investigative Services

Our “Investigative Services” is very important to us as we communicate with our customers to mitigate security measures. At LATSC, “we are concerned when you’re concerned about safety”. We share the risk of security and its financial costs; however we strive to maintain our professionalism, security...

Planning Security

LATSC utilizes a “risk assessment methodology or RAM” to determine threats and vulnerabilities. LATSC will plan strategies to raise security awareness among our clients with respect to security threats, vulnerabilities, and need for the strategic planning security roles and responsibilities.


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LATSC provides security training that meets the highest industry standards.

LATSC uses a rigorous screening and hiring process to provide highly trained off-duty and retired law enforcement officers as certified instructors for our “PERC Security Officer” and “Firearm Training” courses.


Security Operations

Professional security
service levels

LATSC offers a variety of Phsycial security and security operations.

LATSC will work to integrate protective measures that will optimize and not hinder the business environment of the client. We would focus on establishing solutions to the client’s security concerns by.....